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Thirsty Boxes

If it’s one thing I absolutely love to do it’s sharing the skills and knowledge I’ve learned from my years of cooking. Many time’s during my career, I’ve had the good fortune to affiliate myself with a college or school and just teach. It is so fulfilling and rewarding for me to pass along something that I’m totally passionate about.

Finding a way to run workshops over the last year or so has been challenging given the pandemic, however I believe we have designed the perfect solution. Thirsty Boxes.

How it works,

Each month I will release 3 workshops, 1 per category. 

-Dinner for 2

-Soups, stews & chilli

-Winter comforts

When registering for your workshop, you will provide a shipping address. We will ship you a Thirsty Box just a few short days before your workshop date. This box will contain the ingredients needed for your upcoming workshop, some tools you may need, a workshop page that will include the menu for the workshop and a step by step recipe for you to follow along with and keep to use again another time.

Each workshop will have its own designated menu. For example, Dinner for 2 may include a tapas, a main, a dessert and an appropriate beverage pairing. In the workshop I will teach you live how to do each step, prepare all the ingredients and see the meal to the end with success and no stress. My cooking method is relaxed and honest, my teaching style is the same. Cooking truly is an art form, in mistakes lies masterpieces. I intend to teach you how to look at food with more of an eye for creation and a hunger for exploration. There is no room for fear in the kitchen, unless it be fear of missing out.  


Workshops will be topic-oriented and give you the learnings to expand your own repertoire and skill sets. In a relaxed environment, you will absolutely get into it. Each workshop will run more than once each month, if you miss one don't worry! 


What can I say; this is our most popular class. We go in depth to teach you everything you’ll need to get you comfortable for baking bread at home.   We’ll cover all kinds of styles of dough from quick rise yeast breads to ancient sourdough. At the end of the class you will leave with a few of your own fresh baked loaves and a gift of our sourdough starter which has its lineage going back to the 1850’s San Francisco.

Rosemary and Olives

This is truly a fun class. Starting right from the basics and on to more unique soups, we’ll get right in there. Broth based, creams and chowders are on the menu. Stocks - they are the backbone of a good soup and sauce. We will cover the fundamentals so you can stockpile your own to have on the ready. Sauces - from hollandaise and it’s extensions to making a great demi glace, knowing how to make these will elevate your culinary repertoire to a whole new level. 


*stay up to date with our upcoming workshops on Facebook, Instagram or register for our Newsletter to receive emails.

*some perishable ingredients will not be provided, such as; fish, meat, some dairy products.

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