Culinary workshops

If it’s one thing I absolutely love to do it’s sharing the skills and knowledge I’ve learned from my years of cooking. Many time’s during my career, I’ve had the good fortune to affiliate myself with a college or school and just teach. It is so fulfilling and rewarding for me to pass along something that I’m totally passionate about.


Life balance has given me the opportunity to teach again and thereby offer limited and intense culinary classes. Each class will be topic-oriented and give you the learnings to expand your own repertoire and skill sets. In a relaxed yet professional environment, you will absolutely get into it. Classes are designed to teach everything from proper knife and pan skills to mastering the art of sourdough bread baking.


With the exception of Cooking Over Fire, all other workshops are limited to 6 persons per session and will run an average of 3 hours. The Cooking Over Fire workshop is 4 hours and limited to a maximum of 8 people.


Examples of Current Class Designs:

Breads n Rolls

What can I say; this is our most popular class. We go in depth to teach you everything you’ll need to get you comfortable for baking bread at home.   We’ll cover all kinds of styles of dough from quick rise yeast breads to ancient sourdough. At the end of the class you will leave with a few of your own fresh baked loaves and a gift of our sourdough starter which has its lineage going back to the 1850’s San Francisco.

Soups, Stocks &

This is truly a fun class. Starting right from the basics and on to more unique soups, we’ll get right in there. Broth based, creams and chowders are on the menu. Stocks - they are the backbone of a good soup and sauce. We will cover the fundamentals so you can stockpile your own to have on the ready. Sauces - from hollandaise and it’s extensions to making a great demi glace, knowing how to make these will elevate your culinary repertoire to a whole new level. 

Vegetarian & Vegan

Who says veggie and vegan cooking is boring? Not me.  This workshop is all about eating clean and healthy. Long gone are the days of salads and stir fry’s. The day will be dedicated to expanding your repertoire and mind about how awesome it can be should you want to take a break from having meat in your diet. Easy and delicious courses will be prepared and eaten during this workshop. I recommend letting us know about any dietary restrictions such as dairy, gluten or soy as I will build the day’s workshop to accommodate you and make it no less delicious.

Pizza & Pasta

There are two great things in the culinary world: fresh made pasta and homemade pizza. We’ll spend time making and consuming both. Imagine a class where you’ll make and roll out a few types of pasta both filled and noodle. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough.  You’ll roll out our own pizza dough and bake a couple pies to snack on.  

Cooking Over Fire

I love teaching this class, because in my books there is nothing better than cooking over fire. Whether it’s a charcoal bbq, an Argentinean grill or you’re just jamming it with an open pit hardwood fire. In this class you will cook on all 3 and it’s totally hands on. You will get elbow deep (and fairly smoky) prepping the menu and then learning to master the art of cooking al fresco. It’s important to know that this class is not just for carnivores. We’ll be creating an entire meal from appetizers to dessert using the flame. Vegetarian and Vegan menu items will be fully incorporated into the day.

*If you are a group of 6 friends, I welcome requests for custom-designed classes.


*All equipment, utensils and aprons provided; all you’ll need to bring is a great attitude.

*Cooking Over Fire - although we are somewhat weather dependant as we hold this class up at our outdoor Fire Studio in Hunter River.  We rarely cancel so we recommend checking the Weather Network and dressing appropriately.


*Classes are scheduled to begin June 1st or, once we are cleared from the current health restrictions of COVID-19.